Randomly discovered while mountain biking on Mount Oak in Bromont, Oaké Creamery opened its doors in mid-July precisely with cyclists in mind. Represented by a large, colorful cone on the Parc des Sommets trail maps, the artisanal creamery is on its way to becoming a must!

Passionate about cycling and cross-country running, Éric Brunelle and Chantal Bédard had been thinking about their project for almost three years. “There are more and more families coming by bike and often we see parents whose toddlers are a bit reluctant. We wondered what we could do to make the experience more pleasant. When I saw people coming down the hill to park at the creamery, I had tears in my eyes. I dreamed of it! »

Ice cream, gelatos, sorbets, everything is homemade at Oaké. Eric came up with the recipes – his coffee ice cream made with espresso from Foster’s Virgin Hill Roastery is our personal favourite. “We had thought of hiring a pastry chef, but Éric loves it, he was chief for 15 years at the Pointe-Saint-Charles fire station, continues Chantal. We took a course together in Montreal and another online at Carpigiani, an Italian specialist from whom we bought our machine. Our goal is to take an advanced course in Italy in January. »

While Éric Brunelle’s gelato recipes are closely inspired by Italy, his ice cream respects local traditions. “We also like to offer ice cream, because that’s the best for sandwiches, for example,” he says, adding that his cookie recipe is the one he has been all the rage for. 20 years in the barracks. Eric’s goal is also to be able to make his own waffle cones, as well as his chocolate and caramel dips.

All this to better serve customers who are invited to extend their break on the terrace or in the small lounge – we plan to remain open all winter. “We didn’t want a creamery where people stay for five minutes and leave with their cone,” says Éric Brunelle. Our goal is to make the dairy a real meeting place. »