The new Kia logo is becoming more and more common on the streets. But it causes a lot of confusion, because some people wonder what kind of car brand KN is.

After more than 25 years, Kia has changed its logo. It was presented to the world in a spectacular event early last year.

The KN car is not a brand from a new company, but a Kia with a new lettering. The logo is characterized by its special typography, which is characterized by three highly stylized letters that merge into one another. The name of the Korean car manufacturer appears as if drawn from a brushstroke.

According to Kia, it should exude “confidence and commitment to customers”. In addition to the new logo, the rebranding also includes the new slogan “Movement that inspires”.

At first glance, the new logo is more confusing as many people recognize the logo as KN and not KIA. Visually there is no separation between the I and the A, so together it is seen as an N. Only when you take a closer look and when you know that it is intended that way, does the name Kia become clear.

New Kia logo – Out of the circle

Time will tell. The fact is that the new logo attracts a lot of attention. The spelling is much discussed on social media, including many suggestions for improvement as well as malice and analysis.

In the end, those who are curious will find what they are looking for thanks to a quick search on the Internet and end up with the right company, Kia.

To see in the video: Kia presents its new logo in a huge show

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