According to a new law, stoves in Germany must comply with certain limit values. A limit of 0.15 grams per cubic meter applies to dust and four grams per cubic meter to carbon monoxide.

The regulation has been in effect since the end of 2020 for stoves that were produced before 1995. From 2025, stoves installed between 1995 and 2010 will also be affected. If the limit values ​​are not met, appropriate filters can be retrofitted. Otherwise they have to be expanded.

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However, there are currently delivery problems with these. Sometimes there are waiting times of up to a year. The first federal states have therefore put the regulation on hold for the time being because of the energy crisis. These include Bavaria and Lower Saxony.

Things are different in Hesse, for example. There, a woman has now been asked by the authorities to shut down her wood stove from 1983, as reported by “Bild”. She’s known about the new rules for a long time. Due to the corona, Ukraine and energy crises, she has not yet managed to install a new filter. Until that is done, the woman should now, shortly before winter, refrain from using her stove.

The Russian army is coming under increasing pressure in Cherson, southern Ukraine. The attack of the Ukrainians on the city is imminent. An intercepted call from a Russian soldier now gives an insight into how bad things are for the Russian fighters.

The Formula 1 team Haas lost an employee on Thursday. 31-year-old mechanic Harvey Cook passed away. As a result, the entire Haas crew wore a black ribbon on Friday. A helmet honoring Cook was also presented and signed by the team members.

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