In some East German countries, fuel prices have recently risen particularly sharply. This is shown by ADAC data published on Tuesday. Berlin, which was particularly cheap a month ago, was hit particularly hard, as were Brandenburg, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

In the monthly country evaluation by the traffic club, the price of E10 in Berlin increased by 15.6 cents per liter compared to the last survey in December. Diesel for 12 cents. Both are the strongest increases of any country.

Brandenburg follows in second place with increases of 12.8 cents for E10 and 9.2 cents for diesel. Saxony with 12.4 cents for E10 and 8.3 cents for diesel, as well as Saxony-Anhalt with 11 cents for E10 and 8.8 for diesel also show particularly high growth. For comparison: Bavaria had the lowest increases of 2.2 cents for E10 and 2.5 cents for diesel.

As a result of the increases, Brandenburg with 1.861 euros per liter and Berlin with 1.850 euros are now the two most expensive countries for diesel. At E10, Brandenburg shares the title of the most expensive state with Schleswig-Holstein at EUR 1.784. Berlin is in sixth place with 1,769. The prices reflect the respective national averages on Tuesday at 11.05 a.m.

“It’s a clear increase, but so far the countries have not left the area of ​​​​the usual regional fluctuations – unlike, for example, the case with Bavaria in the summer,” says the fuel market expert at ADAC Jürgen Albrecht about the price development in the east . “To what extent the lower production of the refinery in Schwedt plays a role is difficult to say. Possible deadweight effects could also come into play here.” Schwedt has not received any oil from Russia since the beginning of the year. Utilization there is currently just over 50 percent.