The series “Unorthodox” is based on the eponymous book by Deborah Feldman (33). The book was published in 2012 and is based on a true story. The American author wrote the story about her Childhood in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish faith community in the district of Williamsburg.

What is the series?

In the German four-part mini-series is about a young woman who can free herself from a Jewish sect in New York and in Berlin, a new life begins. The young woman named Esther Shapiro grows up with her grandmother, who survived the Holocaust in Hungary. The young woman, due to the society pressure to an arranged marriage with Yakov Shapiro. This is very unhappy because her sex life difficult. Because Esther suffers from Vaginismus. The expectation of a soon-to-be pregnancy can be met. The pressure is too much for her, and she flees on the Sabbath, to Berlin to her mother, who lives there in a lesbian relationship. Arrived in Berlin, Esther, confirmed by a gynecologist that she is pregnant. It begins the freedom in Berlin to love. However, her husband and his Cousin are planning the woman’s back.

The most important figures Who whom plays?

Shira Haas

Esther Shapiro

Amit Rahav

Yakov Shapiro

Jeff Wilbusch

Moishe Lefkovitch

Alex Reid

Leah Mandelbaum Schwartz

Ronit Asheri

Malka Schwartz

Delia Smith

Miriam Shapiro

Dina Doron


David Mandelbaum

zeidy as

Eli Rosen

Reb Yossele

Aaron Altaras


Tamar Amit-Joseph

Yael Roubeni

Safinaz Sattar


Langston Uibel


General info info for 3. Season

original title


production country


original language

Yiddish, English, English

year of publication

to 2020


53-55 minutes



the Genre


directed by

Maria Schrader

the idea

Deborah Feldman

initial publication

26. March 2020 on Netflix

What this series makes it special?

the special feature of the series is that it is based for the most part, on real events.


In the case of “Unorthodox” means is a exciting empowerment story. The Short series gives a interesting glimpse into the hermetic world. The main actress Shira Haas, plays her role excellent, and conveys the Fragility, hopelessness, and between the time joy excellent. This makes the viewers from the beginning to cheer. The only point of criticism is the treatment of the stereotypes. Judaism is presented as a very misogynist and demeaning. Viewers without a background, the information might be taken quickly know wrong and to stamp the whole Religion. But overall definitely worth it!

there Will be a season?

A further follow-up is currently not yet foreseeable. It needs to be seen how successful the series from the 26. March on Netflix starting. With their success, a follow-up season is possible.

Similar to the standard

“Unorthodox” is a little reminiscent of the TV series “Shtisel”. In Shtisel is a bachelor, lives in a strict Orthodox world. However, he does not give up, to find his great love. Both series deal with Jewish beliefs.