If you are an englishman, so love you of David Beckham. Or it would at least believe.

But it is not the case, if you ask the former fodboldstjernes neighbors here in corona-the time.

the Englishman is right now together with his wife Victoria Beckham and their three youngest children in their expensive villa in the Cotswolds northwest of London.

It is the star couple’s second home, and that they are staying there, is far from being received with open arms by their neighbors. They are actually incredibly sour about the situation. It writes the MailOnline.

A woman who works in a butcher not far from the Beckham family’s home, not nice words to say about the former Manchester United player.

“the Beckham family and the other fancy people, who think it is a good idea to isolate themselves in the countryside, is just selfish,” she says.

She will be backed by a local politician, which does not look any good at, that they are now on the country to get out of coronavirusset.

“To show your beautiful villa in the countryside on social media and tell us all, what a fantastic time you have, is just to smudge it in the face of the us. Beckham’s family and the other known is just idiotic, irresponsible and numb,” he says.

Beckham family have posted pictures on social media, where they all sit together and have it well. But they should not expect to be treated as something special.

the elderly and The weak be served before the stars, the sounds.

Both David and Victoria Beckham have also spent the time to show their support for the people working in the health sector.

“yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with a sundhedshold in Scotland. Watch it and listen to what they had to say. They are so inspiring, and we all need to do our part by being at home and help these amazing workers and their colleagues on the front line,” writes Victoria Beckham on Instagram.