Specialists of the Institute of archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS discovered on the territory of Kainskaya Outpost stone Church, whose construction began in 1787, according to the portal “Science in Siberia”.

Kainskaya Outpost was founded in 1722. 11 years later it paved the Moscow-Siberian tract, so the Outpost became an important point on the way from Omsk to Tomsk. The population of Kainsk grew and the need arose in the Church. In 1755, the residents built a wooden Church, but eventually he could no longer accommodate all the parishioners of the booming town.

Therefore, in 1787, in the Kainsk began construction of a stone two-altar Church that took 41 years. Next to her was also allocated a place in the cemetery. Stone Cathedral lasted over 100 years until it was demolished by Soviet authorities in 1937. Now Kanskoy diocese decided to rebuild the once flourishing temple and decided to spend on the site the last buildings of the archaeological site.

According to archaeologists, not to be confused with the excavation of the Outpost and its facilities. The Outpost was created in the XVIII century and incorporates several small settlements. He served for defense and as a pass. However, the researchers did not try to find historical boundaries of Kainsk and unearth all designs on its territory. Their goal was to explore the monument within the specified bounds, and in the preservation of archaeological sites.

Experts excavated the area and found that the monument consisted of two parts: architectural structures and burial complex from different chronological stages. Judging by the depth of some of the burials were on this site long before the construction of the stone Church. Thus, we can conclude that the temple was built on an old cemetery. During the work the researchers have found about 500 graves of Orthodox residents.

Today the excavations of the Church fully completed. On the territory of the monument was the Foundation, and findings were sent for analysis to the Institute of archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS. The researchers plan to conduct the restoration of the coins, and crosses. According to their estimates, this process can take up to two years. After the description and classification of archaeologists will give artifacts on exhibition in the Museum of Kuibyshev.