NASA is disappointed by the position of the Roscosmos for the project proposed by the United States international Treaty on exploration of the moon, Artemis Accords, RIA Novosti reported, citing a statement by the acting Deputy head of the us space Agency Mike gold.

“I hope that when our colleagues in Russia will see that we are trying to achieve with the help of Artemis Accords and how we do it, they will support us and join us in creating norms of conduct that will achieve the peaceful and prosperous future for Russia, USA and all over the world,” said gold during the videoconference.

In may the General Director of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, compared the plans of the Americans to explore the moon with the military intervention of the country in Afghanistan or Iraq, when the US authorities did not coordinate their actions with other countries and the UN. In the same month, the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein said that he hoped for Russia’s accession to the agreement, Artemis Accords. The preparation of a relevant document by the White house administration in may, citing sources, reported Reuters.

In April, the President of the United States Donald trump has signed a decree to allow U.S. companies to extract resources on the moon.

In may 2019 the American lunar program, the main objective of the first phase of which is providing by 2024, the landing of astronauts at the South pole natural satellite of the Earth, where they found deposits of water ice, received the official name of Artemis.