From hacking mobile banking on a smartphone can be protected with two-factor authentication and enforcement of digital hygiene. About it RIA Novosti said the cybersecurity team.

According to experts, the mobile Bank application is quite safe, therefore, most of the theft of funds is due to user error. “Attackers are much more likely to call customers of financial institutions or use the malware,” — said a leading expert “Kaspersky Lab” Sergey Golovanov. In this case, the user may accidentally call the fraudsters card data and passwords for logging in. Head of Analytics and special projects CC InfoWatch Andrei Arsentiev believes that any application vulnerable to hacking if you install malware.

In need to configure two-factor autentifikatsii — for more disposable code — said the head of the Zecurion analytical center Vladimir Ulyanov. In this case the expert believes that the installed on your smartphone spyware is able to intercept SMS code from the Bank. “It is safer to make transactions and receive verification codes on different devices,” — said Ulyanov.

“Install software on the phone is only authorized from approved sources (AppStore and Google Play),” — said the Director of the office of information technology of ESET Russia Ruslan Suleymanov. In his view, the clients of credit organisations are required to have a separate card for online purchases, set daily limits for transfers, regularly change passwords. “No one is allowed to inform the card data or credentials to log into Bank-client on the phone. No Bank official makes such requests on its behalf,” concluded Suleymanov.

According to the founder of DeviceLock Ashot Oganesyan, it is best to not use mobile Bank, but to go into personal account the account on the computer is protected by antivirus. If mobile banking is important, it is necessary to abandon the use of the jailbreak and install questionable programs through alternative shops.