The pilot project context, the sixth generation to be launched in 2026. This publication reports BusinessKorea, citing the South Korean government.

The timing of the launch of a pilot project at a meeting with Ministers named Prime Minister Chung Se-Kyun (Chung Se-kyun). Strategy deployment 6G is based on the development of advanced technologies, providing the necessary standards and registration of patents. The implementation of this plan within five years of South Korea’s budget will be allocated 200 billion won. Funding will begin in 2021.

According to Chung Se-Kyun of the government is to pursue 10 strategic challenges when deploying 6G including sverhproizvoditelny and UltraPrecise standard. After the registration of new technologies in early 2026 it will start the project to modernize current network infrastructure of the state. The first will be modified to infrastructure in five main areas — digital health, immersive content (the possibility of organizing a conference without personal participation of the speakers), unmanned vehicles, smart cities and smart manufacturing.

The authors of the project expect that the throughput of the 6G will reach one terabyte per second, five times faster than the 5G. The new standard will differ by a delay of 0.1 milliseconds with signal transmission wireless, and up to five milliseconds — wired ways. Network the sixth generation will operate at altitudes up to 10 kilometers above the Earth.

In July, South Korean company Samsung has published the forecast of development of the sixth generation. According to experts of the company, mass 6G launch will take place in 2030, thus beginning the commercialization of the standard will occur in 2028.