Named the most dangerous gadgets in quarantine

During the period of quarantine can greatly damage the eyesight, if you spend too much time with gadgets. About it in interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” said the chief children’s ophthalmologist of Ministry of health of the Rostov region Alexander ear specialist.

Ear specialist believes that in time spent in quarantine, people often spend a lot of time in front of the TV, computer and smartphone. “If you do it mindlessly and constantly, you can damage eyesight forever,” said the doctor, explaining the danger of electronic gadgets during the quarantine. According to him, smartphones carry the greatest threat to vision. In second place, according to the doctor, there are tablets: “Many mothers that children did not prevent them to be in isolation, give them to young children, including cartoons”. The ear specialist said that they should not do that.

A laptop and a computer less dangerous, according to the doctor, however, the use of stationary devices is also impossible to abuse. The “constant tension of the eye muscles can lead to spasm. Especially if the person spent hours looking at the monitor,” said Alexander ear specialist. Adult specialist advised me to use computers no more than five or six times a day, dividing the approaches breaks at least 30 minutes.

The doctor said that when a person looks at the screen, then it starts to blink much less often — about two times. In break the ear specialist advised me to approach the window, close one eye, hand, and others to focus vision on objects on the street, and then to look at the glass itself. Similar exercises should be repeated for each eye.