Named affect the severity of coronavirus factor

On the severity of the disease in coronavirus infection is affected by such factors as the number caught in the human body cells viruses. This was told by the doctor of biological Sciences, Professor, School of system biology, George Mason University (USA) Ancha Baranova in an interview with “the”.

“relatively speaking: you went to the store, touched the counter, then ran a hand over her nose, her lips contracted. But most likely the amount of virus that was transferred to you in this case — is small. While they "dispersal" in the body to a visible state, ( … ), the body can manage to turn the immune response”, — said the Professor.

Baranov noted that this is the only “more or less scientifically proven factor.” According to her, when the viral load is higher, the disease can occur difficult as ophthalmologist Whether Vanillan. He first told the world about the danger of a new pathogen.

“he Told me that he felt it suddenly went up through the hospital corridor and realized that he had conjunctivitis, itchy eyes. (…) He probably picked up a huge amount of virus. This has led to the rapid development of illness and death,” suggested the Professor.

In this regard, Baranov noted that providers are more likely to be at risk to get a high dose of virus.

“If your home is sick, also hard enough, even with all the sanitary rules, to avoid infection,” said she.

Total in Russia, according to the latest data, was more than 21 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. 13 thousand infected are in Moscow. 1694 recovered, 170 patients with the coronavirus had died.