Three-year-old Leandro died a few days before Christmas as a result of a viral illness. His mother is now making serious allegations against the emergency services, who apparently did not classify the case as a “medical emergency”.

Leandro (3) from Berlin passed away on December 21st. The boy had a heart defect and was suffering from a viral disease a few days before his death. In an interview with the “Berliner Zeitung (B.Z.)” the mother of four Jacqueline now raises serious allegations because the clerk at the fire brigade control center did not classify Leandro as a “medical emergency” after the first emergency call.

According to the mother, a friend arrived at the family’s home around 1 a.m. and called 911. After they were connected to the control center of the emergency call center in Brandenburg, the man on the receiver wanted to know: “Does he have blue lips? Is he still conscious?” The women denied both. The man is said to have spoken of a possible infection with Leandro.

“If it gets worse, they go to the hospital by taxi or car. Or call the on-call doctor,” he said, according to Jacqueline, who repeatedly reminded the man of Leandor’s heart condition. Finally, he gave the number of the on-call doctor and said, “So please don’t call here again.”

After a few hours of sleep, Leandro woke up again at 5:30 a.m. The boy continued to have a high fever and vomited. Jacqueline took her son on her lap. Then Leandro suddenly jerked and collapsed. “His breathing stopped, he gasped for air. His head fell back. Then he was gone. Collapsed,” said the mother.

Her 17-year-old son then called the emergency number again and announced in panic that his mother was resuscitating Leandro. An ambulance and ambulance were immediately dispatched. Tragically, they couldn’t save Leandro anymore. The three-year-old died a short time later in the intensive care unit at the hospital.

Jacqueline mourns in conversation with “B.Z.” and is convinced that Leandro’s death could have been prevented if the emergency services had arrived after the first call: “My son could still be alive if an emergency doctor had come.” The judiciary has now initiated a death investigation.

According to Hannah Urban, spokeswoman for the Potsdam public prosecutor’s office, the control center employee was not to be accused of any “criminal law”. However, the investigation would continue. According to Urban’s “preliminary” assessment, Leandro’s heart defect was not the cause of death.