A jogging run ended fatally for a 60-year-old in Austria. She was attacked by three dogs and injured so badly that she died on site. Now the dog owner, who has already been convicted, speaks out and blames the victim for the tragedy.

“Not only the bereaved, we also went through hell,” writes 38-year-old dog owner Kerstin N. on Facebook, according to “Bild”. The 38-year-old also blames the victim for the tragedy. That’s how she is with her three The dogs were a little more than 100 meters away from their house “when suddenly a loud scream was heard from behind,” Kerstin N. continued.

The dog owner was frightened, fell over the leash of one of her dogs and then lay unconscious on the ground. “My dogs protected themselves and me,” Kerstin N. continued.

As the video continues, she is supposed to continue to protect her three American Staffordshire Terriers. “They are neither killer dogs nor the biting monsters they are made out to be.”

In addition, the 38-year-old, who according to “Bild” is no longer allowed to keep dogs and was under psychiatric treatment for many months, emphasizes that she and her family have also “lost everything we lived for: our home, our reputation, our dogs .”

The dog owner was sentenced to 15 months in prison for the fatal bite attack by her three American Staffordshire Terriers just over two months ago. In October 2023, the three dogs attacked a 60-year-old jogger while the owner was walking her and injured her so badly that she died on site. “I take full responsibility,” the 38-year-old dog owner said in court at the time.

And further: “I plead guilty. As an owner, I am always responsible for my dogs, even if I fall. I would like to sincerely apologize to the relatives. I am incredibly sorry.”