Muscovites demanded to send the

More than 3 thousand people in two days signed a petition addressed to the mayor and government of Moscow with the requirement to cancel this year work on improvement, not related to the life of the city and its residents, and to direct freed funds for anti-crisis support to citizens, small and medium urban businesses. “We will be able to do next year without new borders, rolling lawns, swapping tiles to asphalt, asphalt to tile and tile to the tile”, – reads the petition on the website

Signatories believe the funds should be directed to the support of cafés, restaurants, museums, exhibitions, clubs, courses, shops and workshops, fitness centers and beauty salons, “because it is the wages of citizens, their ability to give loans to feed the children, to buy medicine for the elderly.”

the author of the petition needs to impose in this year’s moratorium on building, road, facade and other works that are not associated with the critical situation, ensuring safe activity of citizens, as well as to cancel or to reduce the cost of maintenance of the parks, gardens and other public areas, unless they are “associated with critical situations”.

last week, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin spoke out against giving financial assistance to the hands of the Russians in terms of hours and months of isolation in his words, the budgets from this “cracked” and will not be able to provide health care system. It turned out that the budget of Moscow absolutely does not crack from shelling out billions to replace tile, asphalt and curbs, although, as seen, journalists, in many places where the work is planned, there is no urgent repair is required.

In February and March, when it was known the extent of the epidemic of coronavirus in the world, Moscow officials announced tenders for laying of lawns, replacement of tiles, curbs, asphalt 12 billion rubles. And after the capital was declared a state strict isolation, the municipality has placed several tenders for improvement a total sum of 5.3 billion rubles.

the Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov, in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” reported that the Metropolitan courts in the time mode, the isolation of a suspended improvement programme “My area”, not to “create Muscovites discomfort.” But the program as a whole, according to Biryukov, can not be stopped, as it focuses on “integrated development of the city.”The Deputy mayor noted that this season the season is scheduled to work 10 thousand objects. Engineering highways repair and replacement has already begun, as “there are preparatory activities for the replacement of asphalt pavement”.