Muscovites became available the updated version of Social monitoring

Patients with the coronavirus, who have chosen treatment at home can now use the service “Social monitoring” on a personal smartphone. The eponymous mobile app has appeared in Google Play and will soon be available in the App Store.

the “Social monitoring” is designed specifically for patients with COVID-19 who are treated at home. It allows the residents of Moscow, where the disease is mild, stay home in a comfortable environment and at the same time inform about adherence to quarantine. Thanks to technology, electronic monitoring of the location of the capital’s residents can be confident that the patients with coronavirus does not violate the isolation mode and not risk infecting other citizens.

the Version that is available in Google Play, entirely new. At its creation were taken into account all comments of the professional community, put to the test Assembly of the “Social monitoring”, which appeared in early April.

by order of the Mayor of Moscow citizens with confirmed COVID-19 who have chosen treatment at home, are required to use the technologies of electronic monitoring to confirm their location. For this is the service Social monitoring and city surveillance systems. Technologies allow us to monitor compliance with the regime of self-isolation to avoid further spread of infection and ensure the security of citizens.

Started a system of control for patients coronavirus infecciosa technically ready for operational launch of the smart system of control of compliance with the home mode.

When selecting a home treatment, patients sign consent to receive medical care at home and compliance with isolation at the time of treatment, as well as the processing of personal data. The health care provider takes photographs of the patient and records data of the document proving the identity. This information is transferred in a single data center storage and services “Social monitoring”.

then the man is obliged to start using a mobile app “Social monitoring”. Informed patients for this free provided smartphone pre-installed application. The equipment the city has donated several large companies. Now for the convenience of users developed version, which you can download and install on your own phone.

When you authorize the app installed on your own smartphone, the user has to confirm telephone number. You need to enter the code that comes in the SMS message. The system then checks whether there are people with the same phone number in the registry of patients with confirmed COVID-19. If the information is confirmed, the user gets access to sun��m functions of the application. If the person is not the patient, use of “Social monitoring”, he can not.

For further registration, the patient should take a photo using the front facing camera. After that, the app will automatically track the user’s geographical location in order to monitor the evacuation of the places of quarantine. To make sure that the user is near the phone, the app will randomly send the user a push-notification-request additional identification through photography.

If the patient chose treatment at home and signed appropriate consent, later abandoned the use of the service, time has not responded to the request of the application, or has violated an isolation mode, it will be brought to administrative responsibility. In accordance with article 3.18.1 of the administrative offences Code of the city of Moscow, he faces a penalty of four thousand rubles. In addition, this patient will be placed in the Observatory or a medical institution, and will not be able to return to home treatment.