Muscovites allowed to buy land up with 60% discount

the Changes relate to plots for individual housing construction, gardening and maintenance of personal subsidiary farming – it is on them to build capital assets. Such plots are usually rented at the city auction, and after completion of construction continue to rent them at a reduced price in the amount of 0.1 percent of the cadastral value annually.

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So does the majority of Muscovites, since the average cadastral value of land area of 10 acres in New Moscow is 2.7 million rubles. And if earlier for the purchase of land had to pay the whole amount now, it will pay only 40 per cent of her is 1.08 million.

to take Advantage of benefits available only to individuals. For this they need to contact the Department of municipal property for government services “Obtaining land in the property of the owner of the building constructions”. Application can be submitted online on the portal This service does not need to pay, and its follow-up with the applicant it is concluded the contract of purchase and sale.

According to head of the Department of municipal property of Maxim Gaman, the demand for leasing of city land plots for individual housing construction is growing steadily. Compared to the 2017 year the interest has increased 10 times, he said.