please Wait a few days to drive out to the re-opened recycling centers, says the invitation from municipal waste companies.

Wait a few days to run on genbrugspladsen with haveaffaldet and things from forårsrengøringen.

this is the sound of the call from the confederation of Danish industry, there is a trade association of municipal municipal waste companies.

Our recommendation is that you need to consider whether you can wait to take off.

– It will ease the pressure, if we can spread it out over the days leading towards easter, says director Mikkel Brandrup, confederation of Danish industry.

most recycling centers have been closed for private ago 11. march, since large parts of the public sector was shut down to contain the coronasmitte.

the Seats have been open for craftsmen and other commercial wastes for disposal.

But over the weekend announced the national Association of Municipalities, the authorities have said good for a reopening of the seats from Tuesday.

More sites are made with creative solutions to genbrugspladserne in order to ensure good distance between the users.

– There are made different forms of regulating access, among other things, from license plates on people’s cars.

– And several places have made agreements with the police and the home assistance for regulation of traffic, says Mikkel Brandrup.

It is according to the director a good idea to sort the waste beforehand, so you should not spend time on it, once you genbrugspladsen.

the Director has an understanding that many danes of the waste as soon as possible.

– There are many who – while they go home have cleared up in the basement or made gardening.

And there can also be a form of recreation in to take on the recycling station, says Mikkel Brandrup.

Several seats have containers for things that can be reused by other users.

But these things should, according to the director of the trade association leave at home, as they require a special handling on the seats.

A handling, which involves a special risk of infection for employees.

You can keep informed about opening hours and any access restrictions via the municipalities or affaldsselskabernes websites.