PAO "MTS", a leading Russian company providing digital media and telecommunication services, announced the creation of a voice assistant named Marvin, becoming the first Telecom company who created the virtual assistant in a smart column. The company entered into a three of the Russian companies that issued the column with a voice assistant. It is possible to interact with the app "MTS Marvin", as well as in portable Smart speakers MTS, – these devices have become the first "home" assistant. The first batch of smart devices, speakers and lights that react to voice commands, will be available for one ruble to MTS subscribers within the action.

With the help of Marvin, you can turn the music and audio books, set reminders and alarms, find out news and get other entertainment content, as well as to control devices Smart house MTS through the column. Marvin has yet basic functionality that will be expanded by the ability to make voice calls to any mobile operators, the integration with TV consoles and new sensors in a smart home system.

"We created Marvin, the first "home" which is not only smart, but smart column, in order to introduce thousands of people to the new format of digital services. We want to thank those who are already accustomed to using a range of different solutions MTS and provide such customers the opportunity to try a new format of receiving services first. Today Marvin assistant with basic functionality, but in the future we plan to integrate it in a company’s services, therefore, it is important to hear the views of users to develop a assistant tailored to specific client requests", – commented the Director of the Center for artificial intelligence MTS Arkady Sandler.

In 2017, MTS has created a Center for artificial intelligence. The centre complements existing services with new features based on the technologies of natural language processing, voice recognition and computer vision, and creates products in the areas of customer service, law and other fields.

Other solutions MTS on the basis of artificial intelligence: robots-specialists customer service – automated dialog systems, which allow you to interact with the client without the involvement of people, virtual associate – the automatic documents and the lifecycle management of contracts Norma.

MTS – party Alliance on artificial intelligence concerned with the development of AI technologies in Russia.

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