Some will take advantage of July 1 to move into a new home. For others, the project is underway and it’s time to decorate. La Presse and journalists from the Inspiration section offer you a guide to make this big change a success.

The vicissitudes of life sometimes lead us to leave cramped accommodation for a large home, but also to perform the opposite operation, a situation with which our elders in particular must deal. But there is no magic, only a tautology: if it doesn’t fit… it doesn’t fit. How to organize yourself well to make the transition less painful? A guide signed by a professional experienced in putting the big dishes in the small ones could enlighten you.

Although there are no formal rules when changing addresses, the code of ethics of the good mover can be summed up in one word: housekeeping. But still ? Moving and organizing experts have more caring ideas to share for July 1st.

How do you accompany a loved one moving into their final lair? Around me, people are getting old. Friends begin to help their parents find a home better suited to their needs. I guess they are helpless in front of this vast construction site which combines organization and what is not said.

I would be too… How to be there for someone who has to “break house” and find their place in an environment that has nothing to do with the one they have nurtured for decades, if not a lifetime? Who has the words for that?

If moving is sometimes a sign of renewal, the symbol associated with the one that takes us to a residence for seniors seems less optimistic to me.

Furniture from scratch only second-hand? It is possible — and even in style! Resale sites such as Marketplace and Kijiji are full of treasures for those on a budget and eco-conscious decorating enthusiasts. To demonstrate this, La Presse put itself in the shoes of a young adult who moves into his first apartment and decides to buy — almost — everything used, from the bed frame to the dining room table. The constraints: the parts must be in good condition and be within a 25 km radius of Montreal. Budget: $1500.

Whether it’s to do a big summer cleaning or to furnish your new home, here are some local products that have just arrived on the shelves and that will delicately perfume your home.

Founded in Montreal eight years ago, La Fabrique Allwood has just launched a 3D configurator concept giving you the opportunity to personalize your furniture. A good opportunity to choose 100% Quebec furniture adapted to your new interior during this moving period.