Whether it’s to do a big summer cleaning or to furnish your new home, here are some local products that have just arrived on the shelves and that will delicately perfume your home.

Attitude now has a new range of household products made from essential oils and ingredients of natural origin, offered in refillable aluminum bottles. The Home Essentials collection includes an all-purpose cleaner (great for all types of surfaces), dish soap and laundry liquid that come in three equally invigorating scents: Geranium & Lemongrass, Lavender & Rosemary , orange and sage. Since this spring, you can also find all Attitude products under the same roof in the new boutique on rue Saint-Denis, in Plateau Mont-Royal.

Maison Lavande has combined the sweet scent of lavender and that of coconut, with notes of almond and apricot, to design its brand new Coco collection.

We fell in love with the creations of this small company from the Eastern Townships, which presents its candles in elegant handmade blown glass cases. Luza relies on pure ingredients: 100% soy wax, slow-burning cotton wick and natural fragrances that emanate sweet scents of cucumber, ginger, honey or cherry. Above all, it eliminates waste thanks to its wax refills, sold separately.

Moodgie was born out of a desire to live at a slower pace and tune into the seasons. The company offers a range of ambiance products made with natural ingredients, including soy candles, incense sticks, reed diffusers and home fragrances. Its fragrances evoke nature and create calm with their heady, invigorating or woody notes. For a proper stall during the holidays!