Moving to another apartment isn’t just about packing boxes and lugging furniture. You also have to take care of the contracts with the energy suppliers!

If you oversleep, you could end up with two contracts and pay twice. With the current energy prices, that would hardly be possible. We’ll show you how to avoid that.

For example, if you get your electricity from the basic supplier, you can cancel at short notice within two weeks before the end of the lease.

Otherwise, you may have to pay for the electricity consumption of the old and new apartment at the same time for a while – you would then have to laboriously enforce the refund claim from the next tenants.

However, anyone who moves has a special right of termination in relation to other suppliers. This has been explicitly regulated by law for some time. However, the period of six weeks is significantly longer.

But be careful: This notice of termination only becomes effective if the energy supplier does not offer you the continuation of the contract at your new place of residence within 14 days. If delivery is also possible there, then you even have to continue the gas and electricity contract in the new apartment. Here too there is a pitfall, because anyone who is already looking for a new provider could also encounter double the costs.

When taking over the contract, make sure that the remaining term and prices remain the same. If the provider changes anything, you do not have to agree and your cancellation will take effect.

It is also important that you pay close attention to the meter number when concluding a contract for the new apartment – so never take it over from the previous tenant without checking it!

If you forward the neighbor’s meter number to the new supplier, you pay for the consumption and at the same time a basic supply contract is concluded with your actual meter. So you have to pay twice as well.