Founded in Montreal eight years ago, La Fabrique Allwood has just launched a 3D configurator concept giving you the possibility to personalize a piece of furniture. A good opportunity to choose 100% Quebec furniture adapted to your new interior during this moving period.

Driven by a passion for wood, Méghane Delorme, Jérémie Boucher and Simon Bélanger launched La Fabrique Allwood in 2014. These three friends, trained respectively in the fields of design, construction and engineering, joined forces to become partners business.

Today, their company has 30 employees and they pride themselves on creating bespoke, locally handcrafted solid wood furniture. “We don’t make veneer or plywood and we work with native species from Quebec, Canada or the northern United States,” says Méghane Delorme. Steel is also at the heart of their creations, especially for several table bases.

The young company, which has grown quietly by collaborating in particular with designers and kitchen designers, has just released a collection of customizable furniture to be discovered on a brand new website. “People will be able to make a selection of the size of the furniture, the type of wood, the color of the base when it is steel thanks to our ultra-realistic 3D configurator”, continues the co-founder.

Dining tables, coffee tables and benches then take shape before your eyes according to your choices, so that you can view the result from all angles by clicking on the photo of the product. “It’s practical and our products are very versatile because we have table sizes that adapt to small apartments as well as large houses”, adds the latter.

Your furniture is made to order, then delivered and installed to your home by the La Fabrique Allwood team within six to eight weeks. “It’s quite interesting when you think that if you order furniture that comes from overseas, it can take several months,” remarks Ms. Delorme.

The company also produces a few accessories, such as cutting boards, bicycle racks or serving boards, which are made with scrap wood.

Among the woods offered by La Fabrique Allwood, Montreal ash is a bit common. “It comes from trees felled on the island of Montreal because they are infected with the emerald ash borer; the cuts are dried and then redistributed to cabinetmaking companies, she explains. It’s something we want to showcase and it doesn’t get more local than that! »

Sturdy and slightly textured, this wood whose shades of tone vary from pale beige to golden brown brings a lot of warmth.

Of undeniable quality with an impeccable finish, the collection includes six dining table models available in three different sizes, five wood species (maple, cherry, oak, walnut, ash) and two steel finishes (white or black) . It is completed by three models of benches, three types of coffee tables and two kinds of island or bar stools. Prices vary according to options and dimensions. They start at $1185 for dining tables, $550 for benches, and $245 for coffee tables.

Thanks to the different shades and textures of wood, then to the style of base – straight, tapered or geometric – the look of the furniture can be contemporary or more classic. It fits easily into any interior.