It is a fate that no parent in the world would wish for: Although her parents had repeatedly introduced her to various doctors since Christmas, little Emily (4) from Bünde in North Rhine-Westphalia died on January 1, 2023.

According to various media reports, the girl was first examined on December 27 at the Herford Clinic and sent home. A few days later, a medical emergency service saw no acute need for action on the girl. Only when the parents went to Herford again with their daughter on January 1st was Emily accepted. However, she died the same day.

The family has not yet released any details about the exact events. On January 5, however, the mother spoke up with an emotional post on Facebook, in which she sharply criticized the treatment of her daughter. She wrote, for example: “This death could have been prevented if we had been noticed.”

Nationwide, pediatricians and clinics have been groaning for weeks due to a lack of staff and a high number of patients. Doctors and hospitals keep sounding the alarm and warning of supply bottlenecks. The police are now investigating whether Emily fell victim to one of these victims and what the exact circumstances of her death are. However, this is common in such cases, a spokeswoman explained to the “WDR”.

He also reports that the clinic has now issued a statement on the death of the four-year-old. She promises about a “complete and comprehensible processing” of the case.

The clinic and the emergency service initially assumed something harmless: “The general condition of the girl and the examinations that were carried out initially allowed further outpatient care. The child was repeatedly seen by a doctor between Christmas and New Year,” says Walter Koch, chief physician of the children’s and youth clinic.

An autopsy was performed on the girl to determine the exact cause of death. Your results are still pending.

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