Moscow authorities told about the penalties for drivers without a pass

the people’s Deputy reminded that the special permit system will start to operate in the city from April 15. If, say, on this day motorists are stopped by the traffic police, the driver will be required to present a pass. Such powers the police have. “If not pass, he will issue a fine of 5 thousand rubles”, – said Shaposhnikov.

Photo: Mikhail Sinitsyn/RG Moscow pass will block the violators

the Inspector will ask the driver as soon as possible to return home. If he did not obey and go in the other direction, you can expect a meeting with the other police. “In this case, the violator will be fined again,” said Shaposhnikov.

Caught a second time offender also runs the risk of running into a administrative article for disobeying a police officer. And this is the reason for the detention and handing over to the station. Then, quite possibly, the car may be towed for a Parking fine.