From 5 to 13 August in the capital held a crowdsourcing project on the development of the portal and the mobile app “Discover Moscow”, which was attended by around 13 thousand people. Muscovites offered ideas on three areas such as the usability of the portal interface, updating its sections, and the convenience of a mobile app “Discover Moscow”.

the head of the institution also added that in the framework of the project surveys were conducted. The most popular one was dedicated to the preferences of residents in conducting tours. 43 percent of participants expressed a preference for group trips, 37% prefer to use audio guides. Other participants — 20 percent — have offered their own versions: guides or brochures, quest-excursions with your smartphone, and others.

From the beginning of 2020 to the platform joined by about 30 thousand people. The result of each crowdsourcing project to the platform on average, join about five thousand participants.

the Department of cultural heritage of the city noted that the project “Discover Moscow” are particularly important to promote the history of the capital.

“the idea of the project “Discover Moscow” project, launched in 2013, is that articles about the different objects you can write like historians, and ordinary citizens, all together they create an open database of information about the history and culture of our city, its outstanding people and interesting places. Now, these items have more than two thousand. Especially important in this case was crowdsourcing, through which the direct users of the portal, Muscovites decide how to make it more informative, more useful and convenient”, — said the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Alexey Yemelyanov.

the Portal “Learn Moscow” is a joint project of the city government departments of information technology, culture, cultural heritage, education and science. Interactive guide to the city attractions contains descriptions of more than two thousand buildings and structures, 645 monuments, museums, 323, 356 streets, parks, boulevards, and information about historical figures 209 and 131 thematic route.

Through the portal you can walk through the capital with famous people, participate in unique quests, find out more about the history of the capital through an audio guide. Very popular on the portal are virtual tours: they give a glimpse of the building, to which access is usually restricted.

For scholars in the contains 66 of quests. Among them, for example, an online quest to the places where was filmed the famous Soviet comedies. Answering the questions of virtual games, you can find out where he studied the heroine of the film “Come tomorrow” Frosya Burlakova and what street admired Ivan the terrible from the balcony of flats in the iconic cards��not “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”. Recently, the portal was a quest dedicated to attractions different cities of Russia.

“the Team of the portal “Learn Moscow” is constantly improving the functionality of the site makes it more interactive and user-friendly. We also try to make the most technologically advanced and meet the digital trends our mobile app. For example, with a smartphone you can go the route in augmented reality, or look at the Ostankino tower with the function of the digital view. For us very important feedback from users: their ideas and suggestions will be considered and will form the basis of further innovation on the portal and in the mobile app. Thank you to everyone who took part in a crowdsourcing project,” commented Sergey Sacral, head of the Department for the support of projects of development of digital technologies in the fields of culture, entrepreneurship and innovative development of the civil code “Infogard”.

Users can participate in the development of the project, adding information about cultural objects. Mobile app “Discover Moscow” can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play.

Platform appeared in 2014. During her work for 26 projects joined more than 225 thousand residents. Users suggested more 106,5 thousands of ideas, of which about four thousand are selected for further implementation. Among the projects proposed by the citizens, — “My Park” “Cultural centers. Future”, “Museums of Moscow”, “Moscow library” and others.

“Cultural heritage: “Discover Moscow””: a new crowdsourcing project will be held from 5 to 13 avgustinovicha will be able to offer ideas for the development of the portal and the mobile app “Discover Moscow”