Monument to processed cheese "Friendship" will appear again in Moscow, it will return to its historic place on the street Rustaveli, RIA Novosti press-service of Prefecture of northeast administrative district of the capital.

"the Eighteenth of August, at the intersection of Rustaveli and Garden travel will take place the solemn opening of the monument to the legendary cheese "Friendship" and the renovated square in front of the factory gate "Karat", – told the press service.

For the first time the monument was erected in Moscow in 2005. He portrays the characters of Ivan Krylov’s fables – the crow and the Fox, who in each other’s arms sitting on a stump and hold the cheese "Friendship". But in 2010, in the Butyrsky district began to build the subway and the area of the square, where stood the monument, were occupied by the construction site of the metro station "Butyrskaya".

"Now, the monument returned to its historic place. Completely restored and upgraded the Park around the monument. Maples and chestnuts, ornamental Apple trees, new lawns, walkways with benches, a children’s area, now it’s not a through area, and the place where you can stop, sit down and enjoy the time", – reported the press service of the Prefecture.

"a New underground station "Butyrskaya" Spesivtsev theater on Rustaveli street, the vibrant chain of coffee shops and retail outlets along the Garden travel, and now square with the famous monument cheese "Friendship" – as a result, the district formed a new versatile comfortable public space. Butyrskiy area is rapidly developing. Nevertheless, it is important to preserve and to recreate areas of the urban environment, which preserve the historic character of the district and form its unique shape," – said the prefect of the northeastern administrative area Alexei Belyaev, quoted in a press-service.

As noted in the press service, at the time of construction, the monument was moved to the inner territory of the Moscow factory of processed cheese "KARAT" where in 60-e years of the XX century were developed the recipe of cheese "Friendship".

"Then the cheese was a symbol of friendship of peoples, republics, hereinafter referred to as the most famous product in the USSR, and later in the Russian Federation. In 2015, in connection with the construction of a new metro station "Butyrskaya" a monument to cheese "Friendship" was moved to the inner area of the plant where it was stored for five years", – said the press service.

"I am pleased to report that all technical and renovation work on the square near the Moscow factory of processed cheese "Karat" is completed. Very soon the monument, which has already become "folk", it will return to its historic place. All five years of his enforced confinement, we regularly received complaints from citizens with questions about the fate of "Friendship" – quotes a press-service of the word the General dirChancellor of the plant Evgeny Grebnev.