After one of the most wild free-agent frenzys in major league baseball history, many familiar faces have moved on to new positions with impressive resumes.

Max Scherzer, Corey Seager and others got huge deals before the lockout. To get his lucrative contract, Freddie Freeman had a wait until spring training. Trevor Story changed his position and jumped leagues. Nick Castellanos switched red pinstripes.

Kris Bryant remained in the NL West. Carlos Correa stayed with the American League.

Trades brought in other stars to new teams. Matt Chapman was traded from the A’s and signed with the Blue Jays. From the Reds, Jesse Winker, outfielder, and Eugenio Suarez third baseman were traded to the Marines. Oakland also traded Matt Olson to the Braves. Josh Donaldson was traded to the Yankees by the Twins.

To keep track of who was where, fans may have to get out their programs.

Here are some examples of some of the moves.

MAX SCHERZER – The three-time Cy Young Award Winner and eight-time All-Star signed a $130million, three-year, deal with the New York Mets. After a split season of 15-4 and 2.46 ERA with Washington, he’s now with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

COREY SEGER: Two-time All-Star shortstop and 2020 World Series MVP, Corey Seager, was awarded the most lucrative deal in baseball, a 10-year, $325 million contract to join the Texas Rangers. He was joined by Marcus Semien, Gold Glove second baseman in Texas. Semien, who was a Toronto homers hitter last year, received a seven-year, $175 million contract from the Rangers just hours before Seager’s Dec. 1st.

FREDDIE FREEMAN: After helping the Braves win a World Series, the 2020 NL MVP has left Atlanta and is returning home to play for his beloved Dodgers. He was given a $162 million six-year contract. After the Braves purchased Matt Olson, Oakland’s first baseman, Freeman made his decision to leave.

TREVOR STORY: Story, a four-time All Star shortstop in Colorado signed a $140m, six-year contract with Boston for second base. To form a strong middle infield, he joins shortstop Xander Bogards.

KRIS BRYANT: In 2016, Bryant was named the 2016 NL MVP. He received a $182million, seven-year contract from the Rockies. After playing in his fourth All-Star Game, Bryant was traded to the Giants by the Cubs.

ROBBIE RAM: The left-hander received a five-year $115 million contract from Seattle after winning the AL Cy Young Award in Toronto.

CARLOS CORREA: Correa, a two-time All Star shortstop and the AL 2015 AL rookie of the year, left Houston to head for Minnesota. He was awarded a $105.3million, three-year contract. Correa can choose to opt out of the 2022 or 2023 seasons and become a free agent.

NICK CASTELLANOS – The 2021 All Star outfield received a $100 million contract, five-year from the Phillies following a successful season in Cincinnati. Castellanos was joined by Kyle Schwarber (a four-year, $79 million deal from Philadelphia).

KENLEY JANSEN – The Dodgers’ longtime closer and three-time All-Star, with 350 career saves, joined the Braves as a $18 million one-year deal.

JORGE SOLER: Soler, the 2021 World Series MVP, signed a $36 million, three-year contract with the Marlins. Soler was the AL’s top scorer with 48 homers for Kansas City in 2019.

NELSON CRUZ – The veteran designated hitter is back at the NL, where he played his first season with Milwaukee in 2005. Cruz, 41 years old, was paid $12 million by the Nationals. The deal also includes a $16million mutual option and a $3 million buyout for 2023.

KEVIN GAUSMAN – The Blue Jays signed Gausman from San Francisco for $110 million and a five-year contract. In the past, Gausman had rejected Toronto offers for free agents.

STARLING Marte: Marte was given $78 million by the Mets for four years as their center fielder. He was the Majors’ leader in stolen bases last season, but has been limited by an oblique injury this spring. The lockout saw them sign Eduardo Escobar, an infielder, to a $20m two-year contract and give Mark Canha, outfielder and first baseman, $26.5 million over two seasons with a club option.

JAVIER BAEZ – The two-time All Star and Gold Glove-winning shortstop, signed a $140m, six-year contract with Detroit just before the lockout. After being traded from the Cubs, he finished his last season with the Mets.