Leneal Frazier was killed in the July 6 crash. He wasn’t involved in the chase. He was the uncle who filmed George Floyd’s death.

Prosecutors announced Friday that a Minneapolis police officer was charged with criminal negligence in connection to a July accident that resulted in the death of an innocent driver as he was following another vehicle.

Officer Brian Cummings (37), was following a stolen vehicle in the early hours of July 6. He was traveling at 90 mph through a residential area, before turning against a red light, and smashing into a Jeep.

Freeman described it as “culpable, gross negligence”, which led to the death of Leneal Frazier (40).

“That’s very tragic. This is a crime. Freeman stated that this is why we were charged.

Frazier was the uncle to the teen who recorded George Floyd’s 2020 murder by a Minneapolis cop officer, who was later convicted.

Cummings was charged with second-degree murder and criminal vehicular killing.

According to The Associated Press, Tom Plunkett, Cummings’ attorney, stated that Cummings was pursuing a suspect for a “violent” carjacking on a crime spree.

According to a criminal complaint, the Kia Sportage was allegedly stolen and used in business thefts. The thefts involved “some limited force,” but no weapons or injury.

Cummings was wearing his lights and siren. Cummings was wearing his lights and siren on during the chase, which lasted approximately 20 blocks. According to the criminal complaint, Cummings was speeding at around 90 mph just before entering the intersection. According to the complaint, Cummings hit Frazier’s Jeep with a speed of around 78 mph. Frazier was given the go-ahead.

The accident reconstruction found that the collision could be attributed to the defendant for failing to operate his vehicle with due consideration for other motorists, the complaint stated.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey promised to review the police pursuit policy following Frazier’s death.