Although there are sent special flights to Peru, there is still the stranded danes. They come home, says the ministry.

A special flights landing according to plan on Friday morning in Denmark after having downloaded a team stranded danes from Peru.

But not all of the stranded have got the seat on the plane, says Erik Brøgger, who is director of the foreign ministry’s Citizen service. He says that about 30 people still in the south american country.

They, however, need not be worried, because they come home at a later date, points out Erik Brøgger at a news conference Thursday afternoon.

“We release you, we will work for solutions to you, sitting out in the jungle in the Amazon and other places. In must have come home,” he says.

Thursday afternoon is about 1800, registered in the ministry of foreign affairs krisedatabase.

“They have explicitly asked us for help to get out from the place in the world, they are stuck,” says Erik Brøgger.

He highlights at the press conference in particular four countries, where the citizens according to the Ministry of foreign affairs should hurry home from, if they don’t want to risk to beaches.

in Addition to Peru, there is talk about Brazil, New Zealand and Mali.

While the ministry fears that all air traffic very soon closes in Brazil, is in New Zealand opened that tourists can travel out of the country via the airport in Auckland.

And individuals who are stranded in Mali, get a special option for the return flight.

the Defense travel to the country, because it must swap staff, and there is extra capacity on the flight home.

“About 50 europeans can come out with the plane. The flying on Saturday,” says Erik Brøgger.

He does not disclose at the press conference, if there are danes stranded in Mali, and how many, if any.

the Ministry of foreign affairs issued on Tuesday morning a statement, and that shown in Mali not over the countries where there are most danes stranded.

That is to say, to fewer than 37 persons from Denmark in that case help to get home from the west african country.

If you look away from Peru, where a portion of the currently downloaded home from there, according to the statement the most stranded in India, Pakistan and New Zealand.