Ministry of education: Colleges and technical schools will complete the school year on schedule

what the document says? Educational organization finish the school year at the previously scheduled time. It is recommended to organize the learning process so that graduates of the combined preparation of final qualifying work, exam preparation with practical training. And on “udalenke”. For some of the guys, the same it people – it will be quite real.

the rector of the higher school of Economics: Schools and universities today are stress test

– If you have the technical capabilities of the educational organizations provide practical training with application of remote educational technologies and electronic learning, – the document says.

And those students who pass the online practice can not, it is recommended to convert to an individual study plan. Then line practices within educational programs can be moved, transfer the student to accelerated learning.

that’s all, “crank”, the College must adopt local regulations on the transfer of students on an individualized education plan. The basis for such a transfer is quarantine.

Photo: Vitaly Timkivi/RIA Novosti Ministry of education: Schools will continue to learn remotely

by the Way, the state final examination, defense of graduation and diploma, the demonstration exam colleges also recommended using remote technologies. Thus the educational organisation must ensure the personal identification of students and monitoring of compliance with the requirements established in the exams.

– If the remote format of work impossible, the timing of the final certification may be made for the completion of a difficult epidemiological situation, – stressed in the Ministry Prosveshenieme.