Inflation continues to rise, prices are exploding. From now on, at least drivers can save at the pump. The billion-dollar tank discount has been in effect since midnight. However, commuters cannot save everywhere. FOCUS Online makes the price check. How much does petrol and diesel cost in your city.

The tank discount should apply at midnight sharp. According to the traffic light government, a liter of petrol should be 35 cents cheaper and diesel about 17 cents cheaper. In fact, the tank discount is much lower.

In the past few days, almost 10,000 petrol stations throughout Germany have raised their petrol and diesel prices by up to 30 cents. FOCUS Online clearly documented this in a graphic. Prices shot up especially on May 14th, May 17th, May 28th, May 29th and May 31st.

Before Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, a liter of diesel cost 1.67 euros in Germany, a liter of Super (E5) around 1.80 euros per liter (E5) and a liter of E10 only 1.74 euros per liter. Shortly after the invasion, prices for diesel climbed to an average of 2.31 euros and super to 2.26 euros per liter. The numbers come from an analysis by the Federal Statistical Office, which is available to FOCUS Online.

On March 20, the price for diesel was 2.16 euros per liter, for Super E5 petrol stations charged an average of 2.14 euros and for Super E10 2.09 euros per liter. Shortly before the introduction of the tank discount, drivers paid an average of 2.15 euros for a liter of Super and 2.04 euros for diesel.

Consumers can use apps such as “Clever-Tanken”, “ADAC Tanken” or “Tanken-Tanken” to see what a liter of diesel, super or E10 costs within a radius of up to 25 kilometers.

On average, the liter Super (E5) costs 1.94 euros, the E10 around 1.87 euros and the liter of diesel is currently 1.93 euros. The evaluation is based on the current data from 15,000 petrol stations in Germany.

Depending on the city, the price is between 1.73 euros and 2.31 euros for a liter of petrol (E10 or E5) and between 1.79 euros and 2.51 euros for a liter of diesel.

Motorists paid the highest price early in the morning on the motorways. Petrol was particularly expensive at the Aral petrol station on the A5 in Obermörlen. Motorists paid 2.51 euros for a liter of Super. Diesel was available for 2.17 euros.

At the OMV filling station on the A9 in Hepberg (Bavaria), the price was 2.24 euros for a liter of diesel and 2.15 euros for a liter of E10. Usury!

FOCUS Online took a closer look at the gas stations for you in the 20 largest cities in Germany. That’s how much you pay at the cheapest petrol stations in your area.












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