Germany has so far supported Ukraine during the war with armaments worth 2.2 billion euros, including Cheetah anti-aircraft tanks, Mars II multiple rocket launchers and the Iris-T air defense system.

In view of approaching Russian attacks, there is talk of a renewed offensive in spring on Kyiv, as well as the future territorial structure of Ukraine, the magnitude of the arms delivery must increase, security expert Carlo Masala explains in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

While armored personnel carriers and combat aircraft have been taboo in this discourse, their delivery is now being discussed. In fact, they could be decisive for the war. “Tanks and planes are the only solution,” says Masala. Any peace between Russia and Ukraine would be made on the basis of war, so it is of immense importance for Kyiv to regain as much of the territory captured by Putin’s army as possible.

One circumstance that must be taken into account when supporting Ukraine is the backing of the populations of the donor countries. The willingness to continue to support the war-torn country is still high. According to surveys, however, less than 50 percent of Germans would approve of further support for the first time. “That’s still a lot; However, it cannot be ruled out that solidarity will show signs of wear and tear,” says Masala. It is quite possible that the people in this country would be dissatisfied in view of the billions in investment if a victory for Ukraine was still a long time coming and instead a trench war ensued. “Then the demand could be made that the Ukrainians finally give up parts of their country,” said the security expert.

Such a demoralization of Western populations is meanwhile exactly Putin’s aim. “The aim is to create the impression that the reconstruction of Ukraine will be a billion dollar grave for Western donors,” says Masala. In this way, Russia will try to increase the pressure on Ukraine and its supporters in such a way that the war will end – and Putin will leave the field as the winner.

An unidentified gunman fired on a patrol in the Rostov-on-Don region in southern Russia, injuring a police officer. The man was dressed in camouflage and was armed with an assault rifle. The deserter is said to be still on the run.

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