Microsoft in talks to purchase Chinese service for creating and viewing a short video TikTok, writes The New York Times, citing a source.

“Microsoft is in talks to buy TikTok app, which is owned by the Chinese, said a person familiar with the negotiations”, — said in a note.

The newspaper noted that earlier today the US President Donald trump said about possible actions of Washington to block TikTok on American soil. TikTok is owned by Chinese Internet company ByteDance, the cost of which is estimated at $100 billion on July 31 Reuters reported that investors appreciate the value of the TikTok at $50 billion.

In turn, Bloomberg reported that Microsoft is considering the purchase of a us business TikTok. According to Agency sources, trump is going to announce the decision, which aims to ByteDance lost control operations TikTok in the United States. Earlier, in early July, U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in the air Fox News said that the us authorities are seriously considering the possibility of imposing restrictions to access social network TikTok in the country with regard to its possible use by the government of China for purposes of surveillance and propaganda.

Before that, in late June, the government of India took the decision to block TikTok and 58 Chinese applications due to the persistence of tensions on the border with China. Commenting on the decision to lock in TikTok noted that the social network complies with all laws of India and does not transmit data of its users in any foreign countries.