World-famous footballer Mesut Ozil, geared up with German chef Stefan Pappert at the start of lockdown due to pandemic to provide fresh and healthy meals to poor and homeless people living in shelters and refugees camp.

20Bet are one of the industry’s trailblazers and are widely recognized in online sports betting. covers all the matches and features key players of the game. According to Mesut Ozil, every child deserves a healthy meal, it is a basic need. He is distributing of around 1400 meals to schools across North London currently. Manchester United’s Marcos Rashford is also amongst some footballers that are working on the issue of free meals in schools during school holidays. A few days ago the government rejected the Labour bill for free meals in schools that caused Mesut Ozil to increase his project of food providing up to 1400 extra meals to schools every day.

In an exclusive interview, he said that no child should go hungry. It is a tough situation and a lot of kids are facing this we will help wherever we can help. Mesut Ozil along with Pappert, project manager Parsa Sadigh is already distributing thousands of meals across the areas of Burnt Oak, Edgware and Brent. Pappert who used to cook for Queen said that everyone is special and it is very important for us to provide good and healthy food for poor families and children. So we are providing fresh vegetables, fruits and organic fresh pasta from Italy.

Mesut Ozil and his team along with footballers from Barnet Sunday League footballer used to pack meals in lunch boxes and were delivered to 12 schools by means of black cabs. Mesut Ozil has been supporting and providing meals and medical assistance to more than a hundred thousand people in refugee camps in Syria, Turkey and South America. They also launched a GoFundMe page for donations and they raised more than £3,500 to deliver 1200 meals in schools. Lockdown was very challenging and difficult for a lot of families but it has brought out an incredible sense of community and humanity and we should not lose this, says the German star footballer. He also praised Marcus Rashford for his inspirational efforts and encouraged everyone to come forward for this noble cause.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended the stance of the government of not providing free school meals to children because it would cost 63 Million pounds funding. He also added that we know it is a difficult task and he totally understands the issue of hunger but the question is how to deal with it. Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford is also in action for eradicating hunger and providing free meals to children. The government is facing a lot of pressure for providing the meals to children over the Christmas holidays. Prime Minister Johnson has promised to fulfil the needs of the people in this difficult time.