A source close to the king believes that the British royals will meet before Charles III’s official coronation. could reconcile.

A reconciliation between Prince Harry and the UK royal family following the release of Harry’s critically acclaimed autobiography could happen before King Charles III’s coronation, according to a British media report. give in May. “It takes a lot of flexibility on all sides, but it’s doable, it’s fixable,” said a source close to the king and also known to Harry and his wife Meghan, according to The Sunday Times newspaper on Saturday.

The source said she believes a meeting will take place in the coming months before May 6. On this day the coronation ceremony for Charles III. to be held at Westminster Abbey in London.

Both sides must “raise their hands” and admit that not everything was done correctly, it said. “Not everyone here has been well behaved, but Harry needs to be able to sit down and be like, ‘We weren’t well behaved either,'” the source continued. “That requires a lot of academic flexibility, which Harry isn’t good at.”

Harry’s autobiography has had a brilliant start in many countries. “Spare” (German title: “Reserve”) sold millions of copies in the first few days after publication, according to the publisher. In his autobiography, the younger son of the British king Charles III. the time after the death of his mother Diana, settles accounts with the British gossip press and accuses the royals of not having supported his African-American wife Meghan enough.

Buckingham and Kensington Palace are officially silent on the allegations made by the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex, who now lives in California with his family. His brother William, however, is “burning inside” at Harry’s disloyalty, the source said. Harry is particularly harsh on William.

Time is now of the essence, the source said. “The king needs a clear path for the coronation.” Another royal source agreed with the newspaper: If Harry and Meghan are not invited before the coronation, the dispute between the brothers will become “a circus and a distraction”.

In the UK, Prince Harry’s popularity suffered as a result of his autobiography. In a survey by the British opinion research institute YouGov on Monday, 64 percent had a negative opinion of the 38-year-old.