Zottegem Police department Zottegem/The/Sint-Lievens-Houtem has to vrijdagvoormiddag meesteroplichter, Bart, V. C., from Erpe-Mere, belgium in the area of the shot. In the house, the man saw the officers, and also has a large cannabisplantage, with more than 500 plants are in. The V. C. was in the house last summer, bought it, and she was always ready to help me.

for example, If the operator of a game room and a restaurant, Atlantic Games, in to the Buke in Zottegem was Bart, Q. C., in contact with the law. There vergokte he has hundreds of thousands of dollars, and he left it at a park.In 2007, the commercial court of Oudenaarde, in the event of bankruptcy of the get out of.Bart, Q. C., was looking after his success in the field of luxury cars.But it was a mistake. The guy sold the luxury vehicles of the customers, and took the money, fled to the netherlands.


the V. C. s in the garage along with the oudenaardse steenweg in Erpe was for many years, filled with luxury cars. He was selling them, but it was the cars. Some of the vehicles he was selling, even for two times. When he gets too hot under their feet was full, he fled to the united kingdom, the homeland of his wife. He was, after intensive study to detect. Even though he could light it up, apparently, is not interested in. In march of last year, it was a V. C. in this case, again convicted and sentenced, this time to a prison sentence of two years, on one or more occasions. He was also given a fine of € 8,000, of which half will be delayed. The judge told him to be disqualified from his profession to that of a 10 year old.

Bart, Q. C., and threw it, it was a different approach and started with a cannabisplantage in the Astridstraat in the Zottegemse district of Oombergen, in a house, and that he, last summer, purchased it. The police are in the zone of Zottegem/The/Sint-Lievens-Houtem came up the stairs to her bedroom on the way, and vrijdagvoormiddag, the agents of the house. Most of the plants had already been harvested.


a Short time after the invasion was Bart, Q. C., for the street to be run. Instead of rechtsomkeer to do, he parked his Mercedes in the driveway of the house, and then he simply got out of the car and had a little talk with the cops. He was still quite the man of the house, but it was a bit later, and bound it with a jacket and over-the-head to be led astray and taken to the police department. The agents that looked after his car and left it with a team from the laboratory of the public prosecutor of East-Flanders, to come to the crime scene to do so. That is, the police and the big fish have picked up on, is clear. After an investigation, the house was sealed up. The car of the accused was to be removed. The civil defense was on-the-spot in order for the installation to be dismantled.