An employee of the Berlin State Criminal Police Office (LKA) is said to have traveled to Belarus and Russia with a well-known right-wing extremist. This is shown by research by the ARD magazine Kontraste together with Zeit Online and the independent Russian exile medium Meduza. Accordingly, the officer had contacts with right-wing extremists known to the authorities. The contacts and trips were not reported to the LKA.

The Berlin State Office for the Protection of the Constitution drew the LKA’s attention to the contacts of their employee with appropriate information. The State Criminal Police Office then withdrew the 58-year-old from the state security department and initiated disciplinary proceedings.

The LKA employee traveled to Belarus at least twice with the right-wing extremist Jörg S., who lives in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and others. A third trip apparently led to Russia.

Jörg S. is known to the authorities. He attracted attention in 2017 as a member of the “Nordkreuz” group, an association of around 50 people who were preparing for a collapse of state order and a so-called “Day X”. The group also included members of the Bundeswehr and police officers, some of whom had hoarded ammunition.

Both men are active in an association for friendship between peoples in Brandenburg, whose members call themselves “Cossacks” and maintained connections to a paramilitary Russian Cossack group.

German security authorities have said that the association’s contacts with the Russian paramilitaries are taken very seriously, also with regard to possible links to Russian intelligence services. When asked, the LKA man asserted that he knew nothing about Jörg S.’s “Nordkreuz” connections, and that he “always reported everything”.

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