Politiken learns that the students in 9. class is not going to the exam this year. Instead, count årskarakterer.

the Exam for the oldest pupils in the primary school will be canceled this year and instead replaced by årskarakterer.

It learns Politiken from several sources close to the negotiations.

According to the newspaper Politiken has chosen the model, because you will first open schools for the young pupils, as in the higher level unlocks, the parents of the home.

at the same time, it is more difficult to work at home, when the parents also need help with teaching in the home.

in Addition, the chairman of the Danish Teachers ‘ association, Anders Bondo Christensen, said that he would like examinations to be canceled.

While the oldest pupils in primary schools according to Politiken can look forward to get rid of eksamensræset, see it differently out of the high school students to be up to the baccalaureate.

According to Politiken, it is the government’s plan, students in the 3.g can get back to teaching after easter, while the students in the 1.g and 2.g as a starting point to continue with distance learning from home.

Teachers and pupils in high school have been working to get cancelled exams and regret that the government have chosen not to follow their recommendations.

– It will go beyond the weakest learners to complete the exam. For the training we can undertake, becomes a piece from it, we usually provide, and it goes the hardest out of the students who are most in need of education, says Tomas Kepler, president of the high school teachers ‘ organization, to Politiken.

Several of the newspaper Politiken’s sources emphasise that, for both school and colleges will be different from school to school.

Prime minister Mette Frederiksen (S) announced Sunday that it will probably start a re-opening of Denmark after easter. The concrete plan is not yet put forth.