Cycling, In an interview with the British newspaper The Times , was unveiled by Mark Cavendish (34), that he was two years ago, fighting against depression. Disease, Epstein Barr, once at that point, and for a second time. “I have had dark thoughts. In August, 2018, the diagnosis was clinically depressed and determined.” Now, the British guy from Bahrain-McLaren’s “the other side”, “Today I’m going to look for the positive things.”

what Are the list of achievements is never-ending, but with these figures, you know, actually, enough for 30 wins in the Tour de France, and the 17 wins in the Giro d’italia, Milano-san remo in 2009 and the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2011. At the turn of the decade, it was Mark Cavendish is without a doubt the best sprinter in the peloton. Not for nothing it’s called in French L’equipe, him out to be the fastest man in the history of the Tour de france.

Not only my physical health had for the last few years, one fell swoop. I fought with two years ago, it is pretty hard to be a sign of depression. I had a dark thought.

Mark Cavendish

Subsequently dropped, ‘He’, little by little. The competition was tough, the fall will be harder and harder. And then there was that nasty disease. In 2017, it was for the first time, the virus of Epstein Barr has been discovered. The disease is also known as infectious mononucleosis or a mononucleose. It took him three months to the end. While he was there, everything, promising to make a successful comeback, it was in the summer of 2018 for a second time the disease has been diagnosed. The last straw, says a Team right now.