Which of the Coronavirus pandemic triggered the world economy could the crisis, the experts fear, for the formula 1 have a devastating impact. Smaller Teams are struggling due to the absence of revenues due to the ongoing racing in their existence, is one thing. But even the big manufacturers such as Renault, Daimler, or Honda could review their involvement in Grand Prix racing.

viewed From the outside, the Renault seems to be particularly at risk, which relates to a formula 1 exit. CEO Clotilde Delbos has already announced in October 2019, long before the corona of a crisis, that you will ask all the group’s activities to the test. She never took the formula 1 program explicitly.

Since then, the situation of the Renault group, is to become better, and the racing team to team principal Cyril Abiteboul has currently no opportunity to provide the much required sporty improvement to demonstrate. Abiteboul believes Renault is in formula 1 – in the end, is not he, but the group’s Executive Board makes the decision but.

And that it is in times of crisis, very quickly, that someone pulls the plug, white Mario Theissen. The former BMW motor sport Director in July 2009, only “a few days” before the official announcement of the formula 1-phase-out of this: “I don’t know now, whether there were three or four or five. But more s was not’.”

Theissen: the Full Interview will appear on Wednesday

That it could now be due to the corona crisis, a similar manufacturer Exodus like after the world financial crisis, as within a short period of time, Honda, BMW, Toyota and Renault out of formula 1 have withdrawn, could not be ruled out “safe,” explains Theissen in an Interview with the formula 1-Podcast ‘Starting Grid’, will be released on Wednesday.

“You have to wait for the results. I think the Situation is now much too fresh. We deal with quite other things. You can evaluate in half a year. But of course that can happen,” says the German (now, incidentally, entirely of the Motorsport withdrawn and the ADAC for the classical area of responsibility).

The former formula 1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone speaks even of the greatest crisis that has seen the Grand-Prix Sport ever. The meeting of the Great as the Small of his concerns: “Even a small Team like Williams has to pay employees and bills. This is not easy for you, if you have no income from the racing.”

Renault team boss Abiteboul admits that “all ten Teams are under pressure”. He does not understand, however, why, in this context, Renault is often the first thing is called: “it seems to Me that we need to answer these questions much more often than others. […] And I wonder why.”

“We have made so far in some Form for 42 years formula 1. I do not see that it was continuous, and that it has given some of the Statements and change in Top Management. I can understand that. But the reality is: We are set up with two factories, we have 1,200 employees, and our plans are well advanced into next year.”

Abiteboul asks: “I accept that we are part of the automotive industry, which is just pretty shaken up. This also applies to Renault. But we really have more problems than Daimler? I’m not so sure.” He is convinced: “If our performance were better, we would have to answer such questions less often.”

Abiteboul move targets to back: 2022 on the Podium

But that’s exactly the, counter critics, is the point: While Daimler can argue with the formula 1 program related costs still outstanding sporting Successes, after driving Renault for years – even in reverse gear. From the original Plan to win 2020 race, the Team from miles away.

“We can’t safely hide forever,” says Abiteboul. “The expectations have to be realistic and reasonable. But Yes, we can’t hide forever, if we [2022], are able to fight for podium places. We do not expect that we will dominate. But to fight for the podium, that must be the goal.”

Renault’s future in formula 1, much will depend on the direction of the future Executive Board. Clotilde Delbos, actually, chief financial officer (CFO) of the group, has taken over the management only on an interim basis. It passes on the 1. July to Luca de Meo. To bring Renault economically on the man in front of you and the affair of Carlos Ghosn, one of his predecessors, cutting.

However, David Richards, former team principal of the formula 1 racing teams Benetton and BAR, and now President of Motorsport’s UK believes that the right-holder Liberty Media is required to help the Teams through times of crisis. Would depend on “a lot,” he says .

“The formula 1 can not afford to lose the team further back. That would be a disaster for them,” says Richards. “Bernie has always ensured that was taken care of the small Teams, when times were hard. I hope that Liberty is in this respect just as reasonable.”

“The big manufacturers like Mercedes and Renault will stand by it. But if we take, for example, Williams, or Racing Point, then it is not easy,” he says. “The danger is that some companies go bankrupt, is given. There are a Motorsport company who do not have the resources to survive this Phase.”

This article written was by Christian

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