the Hunters with natsigte on riflerne lies in wait for them in the darkness.

And in their ranks there are traitors, as the ignorant acts as elskovslokkeduer.

It is hard to be mårhund in Denmark at the moment.

But the way it should be, if you ask the experts.

“It is an invasive rovdyrart, which is not good for the nature. Mårhunden simply creates too many problems because it eats so many other animals and basically have no natural enemies in Denmark,” explains biologist Søren Ring from Fugleværnsfonden.

the Fund holds 23 bird sanctuaries in Denmark, and today has the hungry predator probably already settled down in virtually all of the royal nature reserves.

“the Species has spread from Poland through Germany and until further up in Jutland, where we now expect that there are probably already 10,000 and perhaps up to 30,000 raccoon dogs. The Danish population has increased significantly in recent years, where more than 3,000 raccoon dogs were shot at home alone in 2019,” says Søren Ring.

“The almost vacuum cleaner an area for amphibians, reptiles and birds, as the ruger on the ground. It will, for example, say the eggs of ducks, geese, gulls and meadow and wading birds, some of which are fairly endangered in advance.”

“Mårhunden, also called the asian vandræv, swim excellently and can therefore get around to the more remote islets and islands. It is not hesitate to swim up to a mile, and it can be very tough on bird populations in an area,” explains Fugleværnsfondens biologist.

Because mårhundene poses a growing threat for birds, amphibians and reptiles, has the minister just given the hunters the opportunity to use natsigte to hunt the nocturnal predators.

“raccoon dogs are very difficult to hunt during the day, where they typically set and key in a tomb. If the hunters should hunt them at night, they were previously going to have to sit and wait a long time on the night and be ready to switch between the flashlight and the rifle. Now they must use the night vision goggles, and some have already started,” says Søren Ring.

in Order to locate the mårhundene use Beside the so-called judas-raccoon dogs.

“To capture and castrate a male, which is then fitted with a gps transmitter. When the male then becomes unleashed again, it will search for a mate. Even if it is sterilized, its drives still be strong, and thanks to the gps signal, the hunters can find mårhundene and shoot the female,” explains Fugleværnsfondens biologist.

Mårhundene get 10 to 12 pups in a litter, so that should provide much food for the kids.

Nature is derived originally from the far East, but in the Stalin-time was the species imported in the Ukraine-the area to the pelsfarme and perhaps also as a prey for hunters. Ago have free copies spread violently to the surrounding areas.

In the Danish nature lacks mårhunden and its cubs large predators as natural enemies, although rare and rare species such as the wolf, the eagles and big hornugle contributes quite a bit to regulate the number.

“But, for example, they have wolves in Denmark can not eat through the 10,000 raccoon dogs, or just keep the stock fairly low. There are the hunters need to help systematic, and they are well under way now,” says Søren Ring.