Johnny Depp has the most supporters in the Amber Heard defamation trial. Many see him as the winner – regardless of what verdict the jury will make in the coming days.

Part of Johnny Depp’s calculation seems to have already worked out. Despite the bitter mud fight, the lawsuit against Amber Heard has apparently already paid off for him. “It was the only time I had the opportunity to defend myself and present my version,” said Depp (58) as a reason for his desire to broadcast the lawsuit publicly. Now many see the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star as the winner before the end of the trial – regardless of what verdict the jury will make in the coming days.

Depp is suing his ex-wife for $50 million for defamation after saying her 2018 Washington Post editorial about domestic violence destroyed his life and career. Heard (36) countered with a $100 million counterclaim. Statements stand against statements. Heard accuses Depp of domestic violence – he claims to be the victim himself: she physically abused him. The six-week trial is scheduled to end today, after which the jury will have to vote.

But Depp has been celebrated as a winner on social media for weeks. On Monday was

Kate Moss testimonies should confirm this trend. Regarding Heard’s claims that Depp threw his then-girlfriend Moss down a flight of stairs, the top model said on Wednesday: “No, he never kicked me or threw him down any stairs.”

Other high-profile stars announced their support for Depp. Referring to photos of Depp’s pooping bed, comedian Chris Rock joked, “Believe all women except Amber Heard – she wet his bed!”

Javier Bardem, who starred with Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean Part 5, confessed: “I stand by Johnny because I always saw him as a really caring and warm man.” Likewise, Bardem’s wife, Penelope Cruz, affirmed, “I’ve seen Johnny in so many situations and he’s always been lovable to everyone.” And Depp’s ex-girlfriend Winona Ryder insisted: “He was absolutely never violent.”

In addition, according to many trial observers, Depp’s demeanor is often so amiable that Heard’s lawyers threw out their strategies at the last minute at the beginning of the week and yet did not call him to the witness stand again. Depp’s winning way in front of the jury is too risky for Heard’s legal team, it is said: “Then there is a risk that he will be given even more time to come across as sympathetic,” explained attorney Katherine Lizardo in the New York Post.

A less sympathetic side of Heard, on the other hand: Instead of donating half of her divorce settlement of seven million dollars, as promised, the actress only donated 1.3 million to the non-profit legal organization ACLU – and at least 500,000 dollars of this was also transferred by Elon Musk.

In photos, the jury members saw bruises and wounds on both parties to the dispute. But although Depp has confessed to past drug use and property damage, he has never been accused of physical violence before. Heard, on the other hand, was arrested in 2009 when she allegedly hit her friend. In addition, her former assistant Kate James testified under oath: Heard spat in her face when she asked for a raise.

“You can tell people we fought and then see what the jury thinks,” Heard’s voice is heard in audio recordings from Depp’s cell phone. “Tell the world ‘I, Johnny Depp, a man, I am a victim of domestic violence’ and you will see how many people will believe you.”

“Yes, I will do that,” Depp replied – and is now being celebrated as a hero for it. He cleans up with taboos, say his followers and praise

Nevertheless, it seems unlikely to lawyers that Depp will win the negotiation. Although “James Bond” star Eva Green prophesied: “I have no doubt that Johnny will come out with his good name and the whole world will see his wonderful heart – and his life will be better than ever.” Many trial observers also doubt this. But for Hollywood insiders, the lawsuit has proven one thing above all: Johnny Depp’s star power is back. And for an actor his age, that could possibly be enough.

Hardly anyone expected that. His own lawyers call Johnny Depp back to the witness stand. The process of the year has thus reached another high point on the home straight.

Wimbledon winner Boris Becker was always a great role model for tennis star Claudia Kohde-Kilsch. The former athlete was therefore very affected by his fall and the prison sentence. When the verdict was announced, she even got sick.

The civil lawsuit between ex-couple Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (36), which has been going on for six weeks, is in its final phase. Today Depp’s ex-girlfriend Kate Moss testifies. The model denies a previous allegation by Heard.