The results of the study "Favipiravir" in Japan are preliminary and do not permit definitive conclusions about the effectiveness of the drug, told journalists the Chairman of the Board of Directors "Khimrar" Andrey Ivashchenko.

Earlier Friday it was reported that the past in Japan, clinical trials of this drug against influenza, which is also known as "Avian" has shown no effectiveness in the treatment of the novel coronavirus.

"the Results of one clinical trial of the drug "Favipiravir", which was conducted on 89 patients in Japan are of a preliminary nature, according to scientists at a Japanese University Fujita, where the research was conducted. These results do not yet allow to draw firm conclusions about the effectiveness of "Favipiravir" and other drugs based on it, which successfully passed clinical trials in other countries, particularly in Russia and India", – said Ivashchenko.

While Ivashchenko said that now with the Japanese Corporation Fujufilm discusses the transfer of data on clinical trials and further joint work on the preparation is based on "Favipiravir".

Ivaschenko also said that in the course of clinical research of the drug on the basis of "Favipiravir" – "Avifauna" company "Khimrar" and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) investigated the drug produced independently in full cycle and on the basis of a more pure substance, which allowed to increase the dose without increasing side effects.

"We have also come to realize more optimal schemes of use of the drug is different from schemes used in conventional flu. We found that "Aviewer" effective for the treatment of patients in mild and moderate stages of the disease [coronavirus infection], and it is important to apply it immediately in the first days of the disease. On severe stages of the disease effect is less pronounced. Today tens of thousands of patients in Russia have been treated "Avifauna". We receive from the regions feedback confirms the conclusion that this medicine actually stops the disease with timely application," he said.

According RDIF and "Khimrar," the efficiency of the Russian methods of treatment "Favipiravir" coronavirus infection was shown in three independent clinical trials on more than 700 patients. The effectiveness of "Favipiravir" has also been proven in clinical studies in India.

That said freelance specialist of the Ministry of health

Conducted by the Ministry of healthcare clinical research "Favipiravir", used to treat novel coronavirus infection have shown it to be effective, TASS was told on Friday chief freelance specialist MindRabbi of the Russian Federation on infectious diseases Vladimir closets.

"In the preparation of the provisional methodological recommendations for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus infection COVID-19 Ministry of health based on data from clinical trials conducted on the territory of the Russian Federation. The result of these studies, "Favipiravir" showed effectiveness. However, note that these differences in results can be associated with the design of the study, the used dosages of the drug, population characteristics, including individual genetic factors," he said.

Drugs against coronavirus

Now in Russia registered three drugs for the treatment of a disease caused by a coronavirus. The first was "Aviewer" the joint venture production of RDIF and Ledger "Khimrar". The second drug, approved in June – "Replevin" company "Promomed". "Karanvir" became the third in Russia treatment for novel coronavirus infection on the basis of "Favipiravir".

"Aviewer" – one of the two was in the world of drugs against the coronavirus. On may 29, he received a registration certificate from the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, becoming the first registered in Russia drug against coronavirus. The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation on 3 June included a "Aviewer" in seventh version of the list of methodological recommendations for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus infection