Transfermarkt published updated taking into account the possible impact of the pandemic coronavirus rating of the most expensive football clubs in the world. The only value of which exceeded €1 billion, was the English “Manchester city”.Transfermarkt, among the leading resource covering the football transfer market, has published the rating of 50 most expensive, based on the value of the clubs in the world. Only the leader managed a little off the mark in the €1 billion we are Talking about “Manchester city”: the cost of application was estimated at €1.02 billion In the top 10 also included Liverpool (€967 million), real Madrid (€888,5 million), Barcelona (€852,7 million), PSG (€843,7 million), Bayern Munich (€756,6 million), Atletico Madrid (€709 million) “Tottenham” (€699 million), Chelsea (€679,9 million) and “Manchester United” (€646,7 million). The uniqueness of this rating Transfermarkt is that when planning, we first considered the possible consequences associated with the pandemic coronavirus, including the suspension or failure of the various national and international tournaments.In early April, the resource has published its forecast about the consequences for the transfer market, predicting a sharp drop in prices on players and reduced demand for them. According to the version of Transfermarkt, the consequences of a pandemic should reduce the total cost of the professional players in the world by about €9 billion, While the greatest losses in the English Premier League. Players of its clubs will be cheaper from €1.84 billion with regard to the Russian Premier League (RPL), its losses, according to estimates Transfermarkt, will amount to €90 million And the new cost of applications all RPL clubs were below estimate the cost of application one Manchester city — €923 million Arnold Boar