Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, who played “The Mountain” in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, has shattered rival Eddie Hall’s world deadlift record with a lift of 501kg (1105lbs) – and challenged his strongman foe to a fist-fight!

Bjornsson beat the record set by Hall in 2016 by one kilogram (2.2lbs) but while the British powerlifter struggled massively with his own record attempt (to the point where blood began pouring from his nose), Hafthor made it look relatively easy by comparison.

Bjornsson had intended to do the lift in a professional competition but coronavirus restrictions removed that possibility and led to him breaking the world record in the inauspicious surroundings of his own gym. 

However, the lift – which was done with a standard deadlift barbell – was officially sanctioned and will go down in the history books, as observed by strongman official Magnus Ver Magnusson. 

He warmed up with two attempts of 420kg (926lbs) and 460kg (1,014lbs) before taking on the world record attempt which would see him beat Hall’s record by the thinnest of margins.

To put the lift into context, the weight Bjornsson broke the world record with is roughly the equivalent to the weight of an adult male brown bear. 

Thor just deadlifted 501kg then told the world he’s signed a contract to fight Eddie Hall. 2 of the strongest humans in history are stepping in the ring for a fight. My @eddiehallWSM podcast will be out TOMORROW. #TheBeast vs

I’m absolutely speechless, so happy and thankful. Blessed. Everything went according to plans, I’m over the moon,” Bjornsson said after the record attempt.

I believe today I could’ve done more, but what’s the point? I’m happy with this.”

The world record will be doubly satisfying for Bjornsson because of who he took it from. Eddie Hall, the previous holder, is a noted rival of the Icelander – to the point that the pair have been linked to a professional fight with one another.

Bjornsson took the opportunity to stoke those flames immediately after his lift, saying that a deal is close for the two giants to step into a ring with one another.

Core Sports just offered me a seven figure contract, which is the biggest contract of my life. I’ve signed it already. Eddie Hall has been running his mouth for two weeks now and I know that he got the same deal.

So Eddie, I just knocked out your record, and now I’m ready to knock you out in the ring. Time to put your fists where your big mouth is and sign the Core Sports contract. I’m ready. Are you ready, Eddie?