Often a real annoyance so far: moving Whatsapp chats to a new smartphone. Even if that sounds easy at first, Messenger has always made it very difficult for users. Apple is now making it pleasantly easy for those switching from Android to iOS.

When switching from an Android smartphone to an iPhone, the entire WhatsApp chat history can also be transferred directly if this happens during the initial iPhone setup. Previously, users always had to resort to additional programs from other providers. Now the WhatsApp transfer is part of the Transfer to iOS Android app, as Apple says.

With the help of the app, a direct WLAN connection is established between the two smartphones. So far, photos and videos, contacts, messages, web bookmarks and settings could be transferred, among other things. Whatsapp is added as another option. One requirement is that users keep the same telephone number when switching.

Operating systems from Android 5 (Lollipop) are supported. According to its own statements, Apple does not have access to the data during transmission. With iPhones that have already been set up, there is still no easy way to transfer the WhatsApp chats afterwards.

Whatsapp previously only allowed the transfer of chat histories from iPhones to Samsung phones across different platforms. Apple is initially offering the function for WhatsApp migration from Android to iOS in a beta version.

Apple has also improved the moving app in another respect: Up to now, data from various free apps has already been transferred, but users then had to download it themselves from the App Store. Now apps available in the App Store can be automatically searched and loaded by “Transfer to iOS”.