The undisputed leader of world chess this decade Magnus Carlsen wrote in his record of another outstanding achievement. Norwegian chess player became the winner of the first ever tournament in an online format that he has arranged.Ended on Sunday, the tournament can be considered an event, even historic. Competition in an online format in chess are long enough, but still there was not one about which one could say that it deserves to be among the main of the season. In this sense, Magnus Carlsen Invitational was certainly a breakthrough.The idea to arrange world champion Magnus Carlsen pushed circumstances — the inability to compete “live” in a pandemic. But they did not prevent the Norwegian to collect very decent for chess a prize Fund of €270 thousand, and to ensure the brightest part of the participants. It included eight players, including the entire top five of the current ranking of the International chess Federation (FIDE): in addition to the Carlsen, it was represented by the American Fabiano Caruana, Chinese Ding Liren, Russians Ian Nepomniachtchi and Frenchman Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. All four in March were cut in the candidates tournament in Ekaterinburg, revealing the Challenger for the title of Norwegian rival in another championship match. And the other three grandmaster also was not random characters. The Dutchman Anish Giri closes the top ten. The American Hikaru Nakamura, mater chess fighter, until recently, were not just in the top ten, but near the top. Alireza of Virunga is located beyond twenty, but at 16 years old Iranian, who has recently left home and now playing under a neutral flag, is one of the main chess geeks.At the preliminary stage, GMS is clearly divided into two groups of four: the first divorced from the second. The four remaining teams made up Hikaru Nakamura, Ding Liren, Carlsen Karslen and Fabiano Caruana. And the favorite Carlsen finished only third, having in seven games (most of them consisted of four parties in fast chess, which in case of a tie, followed by the blitz) already two defeats from Anish Giri and Ding Liren. However, in the end, the tournament is still pulled up to his triumph.Those who watched him, probably in the first place will be remembered semi-final match Magnus Carlsen vs Chinese players. Norwegian, talking about it, without end smiled, repeating that in fact the strict regulations of the tournament, he for the sake of amusement was conceived.Carlsen and Ding Liren in this match alternately made a gross mistake, which led to defeats in the party. Before the fourth the score was equal, and its course suggests that tie-break was inevitable. But Ding Liren some reason refused a threefold repetition of moves, i.e. a formal fixation of a tie, �� continued to fight white, hoping to put the squeeze on the opponent. The result suffered by the Chinese.In the final, Magnus Carlsen went to Hikaru Nakamura — the specialist just rapid. And it was also an exciting match. Carlsen took a party of white, Nakamura bounced back. The Norwegian then won again, and Americans again rushed to recoup. But — did not work. A draw in the fourth game Carlsen brought another notable title, and proclaimed the winner of the tournament fee of €70 thousand Alex Armor