The furniture manufacturer filed for bankruptcy last year. According to a report by The Guardian, around 30,000 customers will not receive a refund for goods that have already been ordered and have not been delivered. According to the report, the total amount of damage is around twelve million pounds (equivalent to around 13.5 million euros).

The funds of the insolvent manufacturer are therefore not sufficient to make the repayments to the affected customers. However, around £1.9 million has already been paid back to customers through credit card chargebacks.

As the “RND” currently reports, customers will not only be left with the payments they have already made, but will also not receive any goods. Because has developed a special business model and no warehousing. They only have the furniture made in China after the order has been placed and the down payment has been made. Anyone who has not received delivery by November 25th will probably have to pay their own way.

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Unlike the 30,000 customers, main lender Silicon Valley Bank is to get the full £3.8 million back. According to reports, more than 300 employees have already lost their jobs in the wake of the bankruptcy.

The company went public less than two years ago and has lost enormous value since then. Both the decline in consumer behavior in recent months and supply chain disruptions have caused enormous difficulties for

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