Luc Nilis and Ronaldo were in the middle of the nineties, life, spitsenduo player. But their introduction didn’t go off without a hitch, ” reveals that the former Red Devil is now in the Football International.

Nilis met the British for the first time in 1994. The Belgians, as the then-17-year-old Brazilian is a new acquisition from the Netherlands, PSV Eindhoven, and the two of you together in one room. The only was that does not immediately go as planned. “He’s had a long flight behind him, and he fell asleep like a log,” recalled Nilis himself. “But he snored like a pig, and it is in those circumstances that I was able to be impossible in the same room to stay.”

It was under used by the Former, that is the end of his career, is one of the best strikers in the world, would have to be walked in such a way that the scuppers that Nilis was decided by the medical doctor and the team manager to be there to pick it up. “They felt it was not normal. They have the Right studied, and what was the result? He was a condition of his tonsils. The doctors will have an influence on the first time during the winter break, with surgery, to be able to delete it and all the while, of course, he is only asleep.”

as He left PSV eindhoven and two years later to Barcelona, where he is The club, Real Madrid, AC Milan would have to play before returning to their home country. It was in 2002 that the star of the football world cup in Japan and South Korea, where he is in Brazil and topschutter of the tournament, as the cup is concerned. Nilis would be up to a 2000 player, but saw his career as one of his first matches for the new club, Aston Villa, bruutweg broken down due to a double fracture of the leg.